e-wool provides a fast and efficient auction service in each state.

We use the same show floors and auction rooms as the conventional brokers.

Selling at auction is a price taking system where the buyer ultimately sets the price by bidding against other potential buyers. The sellers only control over price is to set the minimum price he or she will accept.

At auction the seller get no opportunity to promote the product and its attributes or to provide any quality undertakings.

Auction is a good way to sell wool at either end of the quality spectrum where the subjective assessment may be relevant ie wool with a large number of discount features (very tender, very cotted, very coloured, heavy stain) or wool at the very high end of the quality spectrum ie Superfine ( less than 17 micron with yield greater than 80% and strength greater than 50Nkt and very low mid-break % ).

At auction growers get very little recognition for their brand beyond the auction show floor as there is a very high level of blending due to the large number of small lots offered. The average lot size sold at auction is less than 6 bales.

The alternative is to sell direct to a processors via New Morino chain of custody and get full recognition of you brand and your quality attributes.

Managed Marketing

This service is designed for growers who take a business approach to planning and managing the financial performance of their wool clip.

We provide a full range of decision-making tools and reports as well as professional support to maximise your return from wool.

The service includes the opportunity to participate as a supplier to the New Merono supply chain connecting you to spinners, knitters and weavers around the world. It also provides access to the traditional auction system and forward markets.

What we will do for you

Over the course of the year we will work with you to:

  • Forecast your wool clip in detail.
  • Plan your shearing and clip preparation.
  • Report to you on the value of the clip weekly.
  • Establish achievable price targets.
  • Help manage price risk through forward sales.
  • Manage and settle forward sales position.
  • Choose best clip preparation method for your wool.
  • Promote your wool clip to a full range of processors.
  • Make labour cost savings at shearing.
  • Sell shorn wool at auction or direct to a processor.
  • Link you to the New Morino.
  • Analyse the sale performance and profile of your clip.

This approach will help you gain recognition for your brand and establish you on a path to premium pricing.