e-wool was set up in 2000 by Monica Harris to provide a new level of efficiency using 21st century communications and a modern business system to connect wool growers with topmakers, spinners, weavers, knitters and brand owners.

Our view is that the commodity auction system cannot effectively deliver the quality integrity, pricing and relationships that wool needs to compete in the 21 century textile market.

An independent organisation
e-wool is a truly independent organisation facilitating the transaction between growers and processors of wool without bias or conflict of interest.

. We do not take title to wool or conduct a trading operation.
. We do not own warehouses, dumps or processing facilities. These services are sub contracted to the professional logistics providers, AWH in each state.

e-wool is a national organisation with delivery points in every state see delivery locations

Building relationships with customers
e-wool is the supply chain manager for New Merono providing all the logistics and financial services to support the New Merono direct transaction system.

Our goal
. Provide services which will enable growers to get the price they want for their wool.
. Provides services which will ensure processors get the product quality they want with traceability and transparency.
. Work cooperatively with our customers to develop marketing stories and develop new demand for Australian wool.