Ways to Use a Baling Twine

Baling twine can be described as a multi-functional agricultural material that is essential in a dairy farming setting. The versatility of baling twine isn’t like any other related product or material available. That means you can come up with a dozen uses for it outside of being a simple agricultural tool. Here are just a few ideas on what you can do with this great agricultural product.

Hay Bales

Whether you’re selling your own personal horseshoe hay or working for another farmer selling high-quality bales for public sale, using baling twine for hay bales is an effective way to sell and display your product. They make a great haystack, so to speak. You can even tailor the appearance of the haystack by choosing the colours and/or designs on the hay bales.


Using baling twine for recycling is a smart move. By utilizing this agricultural plastic as part of your waste stream, you’re reducing your impact on the environment and reducing the amount of garbage that ends up in our landfills. Not only that, but you are also supporting an important agricultural industry which is vital to the health of our planet.

Baling Twine Bags

baling-twineUnlike standard grocery bags, using baling twine products as filler for packages not only looks good but is more efficient. Plastic bags tend to break down very quickly because they don’t have any air pockets in which air can circulate. This makes them less durable and therefore, more likely to tear. When using baler twines as packaging, you prevent this by ensuring that there is adequate space for air to circulate within the bag.


Compared to a standard square tumbler of paper, a baler twine of any strength is stronger than a standard-sized square tumbler paper towel. It’s stronger because it has more webbing. More webbing means stronger ties and therefore, more durability.

How to Make a Baling Twine

The first step in how to make a bale wrap is to determine the size of your roll of baler yarn. Baling yarns range in size from one and a half inches to two and a half inches. Once you know the size of the bale you want to make, you’ll need to find the right bale wrap supplies. These supplies include a straight handle to attach the bale to, a bale wrap pin, bale twine, and a bale hole punch. With these supplies and your imagination, you’ll have an inexpensive way to make a decorative bale wrap quickly and easily.