Options You Have for Your Gutter Protection System

Gutter protection systems are vital to keep your home safe from leaves and other debris. A lot of homes don’t have a gutter system, so when it rains the leaves go right through your gutters and down into the ground. This is very dangerous because it allows any kind of mold or mildew to get in and grow. Gutters are usually made out of a concrete or wood material, but there are also very nice and attractive ones that can be purchased. Check this if you want to learn about DIY gutter protection located in Brisbane.

diy-gutter-protection-located-in-brisbaneThere are many different gutter protection systems that are available. The simplest would probably be just to use gutter screens. These are screens that are installed over the top of your gutters so that nothing goes into the gutter system. They do screen out large pieces of debris, such as leaves, pine needles and twigs, but they also prevent the ice dams from forming. Ice dams can ruin your gutter, so having something that prevents them is a really good idea.

Next there are mesh screens and heavy duty gutters. Mesh screens are very nice and look just like real leaves. They also protect your gutters against pine needles and other types of debris, but the mesh screens can also be installed over top of your gutter protection system and act as a filter for anything that isn’t water. This might include leaves and bird poop.

The final type of gutter protection is the heavy duty guard. These are quite similar to the mesh screens. They not only screen out large debris, but they also act as a guard to prevent the ice dams from forming. If you are worried about ice dams, then this is probably a good choice. Heavy duty guards are available in both shingles and solid rubber. They can also be ordered in vinyl, which is similar to vinyl window blinds, except it doesn’t leave holes in the walls.

There are some final options you have for your gutter protection system when thinking of a DIY gutter protection located in Brisbane. You can choose between automatic and manual lifts. Automatic lifts are great if you are tired of having to manually clean out your gutters. The automatic lift will move your gutter cleaning system up and down as needed, but will keep the debris off your roof. This is perfect if you live in an area where snow accumulates in the winter months and you need to clean your gutters before they start to freeze.

The last type of guard is the shingle guard. This is similar to the mesh option, but it comes with a wire guard along with a leaf screen. As the name suggests, the mesh has holes in it, which allows any leaves or other debris to fall through. However, the wire guard catches falling leaves and branches so they don’t make their way into your home.