The Difference Between a Family Dentist and an Average Dentist

A family dentist is a kind of dentist you never want to outgrow: a person who is committed to working with people who are in the same situation as your own and who can make you feel comfortable and confident that your oral health will be taken care of. A family dentist Adelaide has a lot of essential things to do with your oral health, from teeth cleanings to fillings and crowns to root canals and teeth implants. However, most of them have one thing in common: they work with children.


Family dentist Adelaide Children, just like adults, need their teeth cleaned as part of their general oral hygiene. A child’s dentist works on the level of the gums and the teeth, and this is why he or she will often work with children as well as adults. A pediatric dentist works with children at the level of the bones, teeth, and even jaw muscles, as these factors are also crucial to children’s overall dental health. Unlike many dentists who prefer to only work on adult patients but still love not having to deal with the stigma that comes with working with children, family dentists can often provide their patients with children of all ages with dental care.


In some cases, children will have to have braces or a removable tooth installed to replace a broken or chipped one. This can be a difficult thing to deal with, especially if a child has worn down or discoloured teeth, and there is no visible tooth filling material available. In these cases, the family dentist, Adelaide can help his or her client to fill in the missing teeth or fill in the spaces with prosthetic materials that look and feel similar to real teeth.


Child dentistry also involves educating children about the importance of brushing their teeth twice per day and flossing. It is also essential for the family dentist Adelaide let children understand the importance of avoiding smoking, chewing on their food, and using dental floss or mouthwash. This last tip is especially important if the child is a smoker since cigarette smoke can cause gum disease.


The family dentist also teaches his or her patients how to properly wash their teeth after they brush and floss to prevent stains and plaque from building up. By offering a variety of options for treatment, a family dentist provides patients with many more options for helping their children maintain proper oral health.