Lawyers and Their Specialisations

Most lawyers specialise in specific fields of law. Depending on the legal assistance you may need, there may be more appropriate lawyers Perth for your situation.

There are almost as many fields and sub-fields of law as there are legal professionals! While there are new fields emerging constantly, here are some of the most common types of lawyers and a short description of the work they do.


Personal Injury Lawyers

These legal experts are the ones we call when we have had an accident and been injured. If your injury or property damage was caused by the negligence of others, they could help you get the deal you deserve.


Bankruptcy Attorneys

A bankruptcy attorney helps you when you have lost your ability to pay your creditors. Bankruptcy is the end of the road financially for those who are no longer pay their debts. While it is an option that will clean the board, it also has its drawbacks. There are many different kinds of bankruptcies, each one having their own benefits. A qualified attorney is always necessary when you decide to file.


Tax Attorneys

Many people hire a lawyer during tax season to help them navigate the complex federal and state tax system. This is especially valuable for those who have a lot of properties, assets, and liabilities.


 Business Lawyers

These lawyers perform a variety of tasks for large and small businesses. The work they do can be anything from helping the start-up of new businesses and establishing partnerships, joint ventures, property issues and anything else legal in nature that a company would need to do.


Criminal Defence

If you have been charged, whether you are guilty or not, with any kind of criminal charge, you need a criminal defence attorney. These are the lawyers we most often see in film and television, defending someone who has been accused of a crime. In real life, they are also likely to handle misdemeanours such as DUIs, controlled substances, disorderly conduct, or traffic violations. They are useful to have on hand when it comes to the police.


Divorce Lawyers

When there is a divorce case, there are many factors that will decide who gets what. This includes property possessions as well as children’s custody. Divorce lawyers Perth can also mediate between the two parties to make sure they both get the fairest treatment possible.


Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Professionals in this field handle workers’ compensation cases. These include cases where there is an injury in the workplace. Few people realise that workplace injuries can have permanent severe effects on their physical health. These professionals help the injured on the job resolve their claims.


The above list is just the tip of the iceberg. You can find legal professionals working in almost any area of the law, including specialities like “lemon law” (protecting people who have purchased defective vehicles) and e-commerce law. When you are looking for one, be sure to look for a legal professional with experience in the area you need.