How To Choose A MFD Printer And Fax Machine

An MFD, multi-functional, single-use, or all-in-one device, is an innovative office machine that integrates the functionality of several devices into one to obtain a compact footprint in either a small business or home setting or for large-scale production/commercial applications in a large office setting. These machines can be printed with black and white text or graphics, with or without colour printing capabilities. In addition, some printers can automatically load images and files from digital media such as memory card, digital video camera, hard drive, digital fax server, or network storage device into the printer memory to print them out in colour. They are especially popular in high-volume printing applications where documents must be printed in large quantities.

An MFD printer has several advantages over a traditional fax machine or printer. First, they do not require additional room in a small or medium-sized office for a fax machine room, allowing for more efficient use of physical space. Another advantage is that an MFD can support a more significant print run rate than a fax machine, which allows for faster processing of documents. Thirdly, since an MFD uses a flatbed inkjet process, there is no need for inks that have a warming time, a common issue with traditional inkjet printers.


MFD printers can be purchased as single products, single functions, all-in-ones that incorporate both ink supplies and laser cuttings, and more extensive and more complex units that can be used as single or double digital inkjet units and incorporate a variety of other functions. Many small businesses on a budget will often utilise a single MFD printer, and for this purpose, they can be purchased with an integrated CD drive, scanner, and fax machine. However, certain businesses still require a larger, more complex unit. In this case, they might choose to purchase a compact company that has several features.

The third option for a business owner who desires the benefits provided by an MFD printer but does not want to purchase an entire unit is to buy a small all-in-one machine. These all-in-ones have all the functions of a traditional fax machine, except they include scanning, copying, faxing, and printing. In addition, some of the all-in-ones have additional features such as a high-quality printer, a printer that can function in colour, a touchpad, a keyboard, a data storage unit, a printer driver, and a security feature.

As previously mentioned, a small all-in-one unit usually incorporates a scanner, copier, and fax machine. However, the most common use for these devices is to provide faxing capabilities to small businesses. With a small unit, small companies do not need to install a complete fax machine. Instead, they can incorporate a fax machine, a copier, and a scanner into a single, more affordable device.

Regardless of which option is chosen, there are several benefits to choosing an MFD printer, including saving money on large-scale purchases and a simplified filing process. For the small business owner or the medium business owner who needs to keep a handle on expenses, this is a great way to make purchases without adding unnecessary items to the company budget. However, before making this purchase, it is essential to consider the financial impact of the new office supplies and whether or not the decision keeping will be worth the cost.