Organise Your Makita Tool Bag Using the First Order of Retrievability Concept

Do you tend to scatter your tools randomly around the house and garage? You may be thinking that when you need a particular tool, you will know exactly where to find it! It’s time to get organised, mate!

It won’t be too complicated, simply purchase Makita tool bag. These bags are perfect as they do not have dividers so you can have the freedom to organise according to your needs.


While tool bags can store a large number of tools, they don’t always provide the best organisation. It means you could resort to throwing tools in pockets or compartments wherever they may fit. It can lead to chaos, and it will make it easier for items to get lost or damaged. You will also waste a lot of time looking for something that may be at the very bottom.


You may want to hack a  tool bag or toolbox designed with the “first order of retrievability” concept. This idea was popularised by Adam Savage, co-host of Discovery Channel’s MythBusters program. Everything inside the tool bag is organised, making it visible and easily accessible.


Have you ever heard of First Order of Retrievability? Well, It’s the concept of never having to move one tool to get to another – providing a faster and more efficient way to work.


That makes your first order to purchase Makita tool bag as a starting point for your tool organisation. Because there are no internal dividers, it makes it easy to adapt to your organisational style.


The compartments can be designed to organise the contents inside, so almost all tools stand vertically for quick visibility and easy access. Only with the use of this trick described below, you can get it organised using this concept.


All you have to do is add a cheap and easy-to-make organiser made of wood and PVC!


If it takes you longer than a few seconds to find a tool you need and you don’t even have that extensive of a collection of manual tools,  you should consider adopting the First Order Recoverability organisational philosophy. Succinctly stated, this means that you do not need to move a tool to reach another.

Here’s how to make it:

Using the dimensions of a purchase(d) Makita tool bag, cut a 6mm plywood to create a solid foundation to make the bag less floppy. Add vertical partitions based on the size of your tools. Cut the PVC pipe to create grooves to hold long-handled tools, such as screwdrivers and wrenches. Of course, you’ll need to adjust according to the size of your tools and tool bag. However, using the overall design philosophy should result in less time spent on the same tools over and over again.


When stored properly, the tools will last a long time, as they are not at risk of damage or compared to just being left out.


Purchase Makita tool bag now and hack Adam Savage’s concept of first-order retrievability!