7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Stump Removal

Tree stump removal is an essential service that most tree care and maintenance companies tend to offer. However, most homeowners tend to ask if it’s really necessary. Trees are a thing of nature, after all; so, leaving a tree stump is also a natural thing. However, there are a few good reasons why you should consider stump removal StumpRemoval-Gold-Coast.com.au. Here are seven points that will convince you to finally call your local stump removal company and have your tree stump removed:


Curb Appeal


A tree stump is an immediate eyesore to any lawn. Just imagine looking at your well-maintained lawn only to pause at the sight of a tree stump lying in the middle of it. Removing your stump will take care of that eyesore and make sure people will only see the good qualities of your lawn.


Property Value


Since tree stumps are unsightly, most real estate agents believe that they can lower your property value. Just think about it; Would buy a home that has a rotting tree stump lying on the ground that can potentially become a hazard and home to unwanted pests? Of course not.




Not only do you put yourself at risk of tripping over a moss-covered tree stump, but it could also turn into a liability if a neighbour or someone else trips on them and gets hurt. Besides, stumps can also damage your lawnmower if you fail to notice it getting in the way while you’re mowing your lawn.





Speaking of mowing, it would also be great not to have to mow around a rotting tree stump. Of course, stump removal StumpRemoval-Gold-Coast.com.au can take good care of that.




A tree stump will take up a considerable amount of outdoor space. If you’re looking to plant new trees, create a pool or a playground for your kids, having a stump will put a halt to your plans until you finally decide to remove it.


Disease and Infestations


As said earlier, tree stumps attract insects and other vermin, which potentially carry diseases that can spread to different tree life or even infect you and your family.


New Growth


Finally, leaving a tree stump behind can potentially result in it re-growing the tree that you removed. If you haven’t paid attention to your tree stump, chances are it’s already sprouting new growth again, defeating the purpose of removing the original tree in the first place.


Avoid all of these inconveniences by calling your local stump removal StumpRemoval-Gold-Coast.com.au services today and have your stump finally removed. Call our hotline today or visit our website to check our competitive stump removal rates.