Valuable Tips to Pass Victoria’s Practice Test

In the state of Victoria, the only way to make progress in your bid to get a drivers licence is by passing the learners practice test. Its designed to help aspiring drivers like you to prepare for the learner permit knowledge test. The test comes with 32 questions, which is similar to the actual test. All the questions are generated randomly, and the minimum passing percentage is currently listed at 78%.


Be reminded that the victoria learners practice test is based on the Road to Solo Driving” handbook. Accordingly, youll have the guarantee of passing the test if you study the handbook since all the questions are sourced from it. Nevertheless, its worth mentioning that about 35% of applicants fail the permit test on the first try. You can indeed retake the test, but failing it multiple times isnt only disappointing, it also is a waste of your time. Avoid the inconvenience by acing it the first time.

Put in the Effort (and time)

The first thing that you must acknowledge about passing the learners knowledge test is to put entire time and a ton of effort into it. The reason why a lot of people fail on the first attempt is that they arent even serious about the test. They think that they can go through it just fine without absorbing the contents of the Road to Solo Driving” handbook.

The truth is that theres a ton of precise information to absorb and learn, i.e., when to use low and high beams, speed limits in different areas, parking distance, and others. The handbook also details safe and defensive driving lessons, including fines and punishments for traffic infractions and the allowable alcohol levels while driving. The bottom line is that if you dont study and put the effort in it, then youll never go beyond the victoria learners practice test.

Why Take the Practice Tests in the First Place?

Theres nothing not lose here, so why not take the test? Youll see a ton of websites offering these practice tests for free, so it makes sense to take advantage of them. As the term practice” implies, you can go over them countless times so that you acquaint yourself with the test questions and memorise the corresponding answers. Theres no need to be analytical or become a genius to pass the actual test — you have to go over the website and deal with the learners practice test.

The Right Mindset

Its a stretch to say that the learnersknowledge test is challenging to pass. With a little over 30 questions plus spoon-fed information out of the handbook, its honestly just a matter of conditioning your mind before the test. Remember that this is merely the first challenge of many more to come, which is why you cant mess it up. The reason why states make the knowledge tests as easy and convenient for aspiring drivers is to give them the chance to boost their confidence before the practical driving lessons and tests begin.